Individual Therapy

We explore issues in your individual  therapy session that are blocking the forward momentum in your life through body reading and somatic work involving movement, breath work, visualization, and touch.  We aim to awaken suppressed feelings, uncover energy that is dormant, and use physical processes to move that stuck energy. We don’t just talk about the issues; we move the energy that has us stuck in certain patterns.  This frees you up to explore the issues from a different perspective.

The process of this evolutionary work is to bring awareness to how we unconsciously block our energy and recreate childhood defense patterns that affect our relationships, our work, our self-worth. Together, we work to unblock our defenses and move the stuck energy to create healthy flow.


Process Group Therapy

A process group is composed of a small group of individuals who are committed to change. While individual therapy provides deep transformation, testing that with a small group of people in the context of a safe space helps to solidify and lead to further changes. We explore what the body is communicating without your awareness, where your energy is stuck, and what you can do to move it.  Group provides a magic that cannot happen in individual work.

The group process involves a physical warm up, grounding exercises, role plays, deep interpersonal interaction with group members, moving energy through physical modalities, connecting at a deep level and risk taking. By using and moving the energy in the body you can learn important things about yourself that you were not aware of, and make changes that allow freer expression of your essence.

Therapeutic Options